Payroll services


Our services cover the entire field of HR, we provide one-stop service on demand for the followings:

Outsourced payroll service

All-round outsourced payroll and social security administration in the whole of Hungary.

Labour assistance

Working time administration support, cafeteria system implementation, manpower management support, creation of work schedule and work description.

Unique HR services

HR operation support for employers, new employee selection, performance evaluation support, establishment of appropriate organisational and operational regulations, human resource development


Here are some of those services we support our clients with:

Payroll and HR

All-round HR and payroll consultancy.

Salary planning

Labour cost managment, specifying the most efficient way of payrise.

Manpower management

Headcount statistics, staff number management

Audit support

Support during audits and supervisions.

Executive reports

Making of unique HR reports, completing in-house surveys.

General operation support

Setting up job descriptions, Bylaws, Rules of organization and operation.


We focus on what we are good at: we provide payroll service, labour support and unique HR services for our clientele, so they can focus on what the are good at!

What we are doing is a profession. It can be done well and less well. We share with our clients all the knowledge and experience we possess, because it only makes sense, if it benefits all and everybody knows what is allowed and what is not. Thus we meet our clients on weekly/monthly basis to answer questions and share new ideas.

Long-term thinking regards also our own employees. We also make use of benefits of labour cost management. Therefore there are no 'envelopes', no secondary pay-sheets, and still the half of the total labour cost remains at the colleagues. As parts of this we take over individual educational expenses, payments to pension / welfare funds. We provide tailor-made benefits in kind.

We at Béradmin pay attention to our environment as well. Since this job is much paper-needed, we work only with recycled paper, and what rules allow we store only in electronic form.