All-round outsourced payroll services and social insurance administration throughout Hungary.

From its establishment in 2009, Béradmin Kft. is in progressive operation.

Recently we support 283 enterprises of almost every industry with premium services

Nearly 3000 people is on payroll, monthly. Small- and medium-sized businesses, just as bigger companies with several hundred people represent our clientele.

The difference

Question may arise how we differ from other countless companies offering outsourced payroll and HR services? The answer is simple: compared to the traditional approach the range of our services is much more wider, thus the entire HR administration can be managed with our assistance in a coordinated way, without need for any additional outsourcing companies.

Main characteristics


The cheetah's (Acinonyx jubatus) full speed can reach 110 km/hour.
Béradmin's (secretarius expressus et accuratus beradminos) e-mail response time has an average of 101 minutes in rush hours.


The total (not average) deviation on tax account is 0 Forint.

System approach

We cover 3 large areas of the HR, which are usually handled separately, however they are in strong connections: Payroll and social insurance - Labour issues - HR.

from our clients

It is a satisfaction to know, that excellent professional background is provided.

Balázs Magyar

Managing director

It's a fact, that the payroll and social security administration are in good hands by you

Zsolt Rieder

Managing director

Prominently quick response time and reliability are characteristic for the company.

Csaba Balogh

Chief Financial Officer